About Us

Mindful Synergi recognises the important connection between the mind and body and how the health of both systems can be determined by the other. In fact, we believe that the mind and body are intrinsically bound together and, as such, each must be nurtured in order to deal with life’s stressors and complications.

Drawing on both Western and Eastern philosophies, we use the combination of counselling, psychotherapy and yoga to improve mental and physical health.

The bringing together of yoga and counselling is fundamental to the Mindful Synergi philosophy. We offer regular counselling sessions in either a group or individual setting to allow the expression of negative feelings in a supportive and caring environment. Combining this with regular yoga practice has seen our clients achieve their holistic and long-term healing outcomes.

At Mindful Synergi we provide short or long term counselling or psychotherapy services for individuals, private or group yoga classes for people wanting to improve or maintain their health and wellbeing. We can offer you in-person counselling or online counselling via Skype. Corporate yoga classes are also very popular and have been shown to improve employee health, reduce stress and increase production.

Mindful Synergi are also proud to be awarded a Top 25 Most Popular Health and Fitness Service Award for 2016.