I will be forever grateful for all that I have learnt over the past 2 years. For the amount of knowledge, wisdom and guidance that I have been shown, for the insight that I have gained and for the genuine connections I've made. You have helped me grow in ways I never thought were possible - to work through my fears and towards myself and to begin my new journey.

I value your honesty, your diligence, your generosity and your support. I thank you for believing in me and for seeing me for more than what I perceive myself to be and for showing me that one day, I too will see that within.

Thank you for always being your authentic self and for creating an environment where I have felt safe, for encouraging me to be more and to feel more, and for shining a light on the growing opportunities that surround me.

I couldn't have made it to where I am today without you. Thank you  for helping me to feel alive again