What We Offer

Privacy and Confidentiality

Mindful Synergi firmly adheres to a strict ethical code and is fully compliant with the latest laws and regulations relevant to this profession. We work to the highest level of professional standards and guarantee you supreme confidentiality within all therapy and yoga sessions.

Approachability, Trust, and Respect

Our staff are very friendly and are fully accepting of people from all backgrounds. We will never judge you or discriminate against you in any way. We are passionate about working with you to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself. Our priority is to listen to you and help you feel comfortable in sharing your concerns and feelings with us at all times.


The most important backbone of our practice is empathy. We value the importance of being health professionals who genuinely understand your emotional pain and will always treat you with compassion.

Choice and Convenience

You can join our group counselling, psychotherapy, and yoga sessions or you can book an individual appointment (including online counselling sessions). With any of our therapy sessions, we discuss our possible therapeutic approaches with you from the outset and will only progress with treatment with your full consent. Our yoga sessions are based on your current ability and we will help you to progress at your own pace.

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