A psychotherapist can help with trauma
Mindful Synergi offers comprehensive, quality psychotherapy services through Nerine Strachan who exhibits all the important qualities of a professional and effective psychotherapist.


Nerine Strachan knows the value of firmly adhering to a strict ethical code. So, patients are guaranteed of supreme confidentiality on all therapy sessions. Nerine is well-aware of the importance and impact of her work to many people, so she knows how to bring her work to the highest level of professional standard; i.e. tightly keeping a valuable secret or never taking her work home with her.

Further, she is also knowledgeable of all the important laws and regulations of the state which control the industry that she works in. She provides unparalleled services while working within the boundaries of these laws.

Excellent Interpersonal Skills

Nerine also has the ability to talk with people from various backgrounds and works extremely well in achieving the goals that every client wishes to attain. Her wide experience has enabled her to hold significant conversations with various people and always inspires trust among them.


The most important backbone of psychology is empathy. Nerine continues to provide the highest level of empathy to all patients. She values the importance of being a psychotherapist who genuinely understands every patient’s emotional pain in order to show full compassion. Having this quality drives her to search for new ways to come up with effective solutions for every unique client situation.


Her wide experience in this field has enabled Nerine to do and say the right things to clients so that a high level of trustworthiness is experienced. Clients feel and express their trust to Nerine because they see how she is able to pay close attention to all the details that they reveal, including their body language. They always feel that Nerine executes a great amount of care in handling the clients’ personal issues so that the best course of treatment is implemented.

The Psychotherapy Process at Mindful Synergi

Psychotherapy is a process of self-discovery that helps a person change and overcome difficulties that they have experienced over a longer period of time. Similar to counselling in its fundamentals, psychotherapy is more of a long-term form of therapy that looks at deeper personality, emotional and behavioural attributes.

The way we think has everything to do with how we feel and how we experience things. By gaining new perspective on past experiences and present challenges, you can create long-term positive life changes, replacing confusion with understanding, and self-doubt with self-confidence.

Psychotherapy is helpful in resolving compulsions, addiction, troublesome behaviours, beliefs and thoughts and is most successful when sessions are attended weekly for a set period of time.

Our therapist will use a combination of techniques to suit your individual healing journey. However, all techniques will be based in The Conversational Model an interpersonal psychodynamic model, which utilises the therapeutic relationship as the primary method of change. This model of psychotherapy is grounded in research from neurobiology, neuroplasticity, linguistics, attachment theory, and self-psychology. The Conversational Model is evidence based and continues to develop with new research.

At Mindful Synergi we provide a safe, confidential environment with appropriate professional boundaries, set clear goals, and collaborate with you throughout the process. We will support you to create fundamental and far-reaching transformation in your life.

Combining your Psychotherapy or Counselling sessions with some yoga is the best way to contribute positively to your healing. The connection between mind, body, breath and movement aids recovery from trauma, depression and stress. Your Mindful Synergi therapist can guide you as to the best programme for your needs..

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Mindful Synergi can be found at 60 Karalta Road, Erina, NSW. Mindful Synergi can also offer you an online psychotherapy or counselling session.

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