Healing for the Whole Person

Wellness for your Mind and Body with Counselling, Psychotherapy and Yoga

At Mindful Synergi, our mission is to provide a safe and inviting space for those living in and around Erina (on the Central Coast region of New South Wales) to come to heal and nurture both their mind and their body through counselling, psychotherapy, and yoga.

We also recognise that not everyone can get to us in person and that some people find face-to-face counselling difficult, so we provide online counselling or psychotherapy sessions via a confidential platform called Zoom (no matter where you live).

We base all our services on the philosophy that the human mind and body are integral parts that form a whole that exists within a social environment. What affects one must always affect the other in some way. Whether you need help with your physical or mental health, we’ll work with you to find ways to help your whole body function in a balanced and optimal way.

No matter if you use our services or not, we are happy to share our resources with you. Feel free to browse through our information pages and blog posts (and share them with others if you wish).

Our founder, counsellor, and psychotherapist, Nerine Strachan, has Clinical Registration with the national governing body, The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).